Stories and Outcomes from Guatemala
  » 3/1/2016
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We can measure is the number of kids that we serve each day, the amount of food that is purchased for them, the achievements they earn in school, and the cost-per-child it takes to run this ministry.

  Death and New Life
  » 2/2/2016
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My initial thought in drafting this news letter is to pour out my thoughts and feelings in relation to the passing of our son. For this is what my heart wants to do. But I know it would not be the best thing to do. We are still grieving, and will continue to do so for as long as is necessary; perhaps forever. But instead of sharing the pain of our loss, I will instead share the joy of life and more specifically the joy of our life as missionaries.

  Scorpions, Hooligans, and University
  » 11/10/2015
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We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength. This is something we whole-heartedly believe and something we count on. Because without Him, we would be lost and helpless. So the focus of this month’s newsletter is the accomplishments we’ve made through Him.

  Experiences in Small Town Ministry
  » 10/1/2015
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One thing we’ve learned after two years on the mission field is that life is either busy or boring. There is rarely any middle ground. The paradox is that when we are busy we wish for things to slow down, but when it’s slow we want things to pick up. It’s not a case of being wishy-washy, non-complacent, or high-maintenance. It really is a case of extremes.

  Language, Lessons, and Laws
  » 9/11/2015
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One of the advantages of being the directors of a ministry is the ability to make decisions that not only benefit the ministry, but ourselves as well. Such was the case last year when finalizing the schedule for team visits this summer.

  5,000 Miles Later
  » 7/31/2015
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5,000 miles driven, 80 hours in the car, 12 states traversed, 18 meetings with donors, and 4 fundraising events attended. A vacation? Ha! Tiring? Absolutely! Hating being in the car right now? Oh yes! All worth it? You bet!

  Knocked Down But Not Defeated
  » 5/27/2015
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The dictionary defines the word stress as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances: something that causes mental strain”. Every part of this definition is true in the circumstances we’ve faced over the last month or so.

  Feeling the Heat - Literally and Spiritually
  » 5/11/2015
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Back in November we expressed our frustrations about one of the judges assigned to our kids. This judge was new and inexperienced and felt that she knew best. Her philosophy was that no child should spend more than 30 days in an orphanage.

  Throwing Eggs, Crazy Boys, and Babies
  » 2/27/2015
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Some of our most rewarding moments are sitting down in the boys’ home and explaining their God given responsibilities and purposes.

  Harvest Time, Bible Classes, and Ministry
  » 9/30/2014
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God performed a miracle on the project this past month and we are still in awe!

  Encouragement from a Judge and Finding the Lost
  » 6/9/2014
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We received amazing encouragement from three different judges this month as they expressed their appreciation for the work we are doing.

  Changes, Blessings, and Plans
  » 2/6/2014
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It’s a new year and we couldn’t be more excited about what God has in store for us here in Guatemala.

  New Missionaries, Big Changes, Upcoming Projects
  » 9/24/2013
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Lots of big things happening at 1:27 Missions Project as we work to fulfill the call of James 1:27 - caring for orphans and widow in their distress.

  Food, Bibles, and a New Daughter
  » 8/16/2013
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A lot has happened since the last newsletter and God has greatly blessed us in that time. We have settled into our home in Monjas, Guatemala, begun language school, and are becoming acclimated with the town, the culture, and the weather. It already feels like home here and our girls are making friends.

  Our Journey
  » 12/4/2012
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Six years earlier we began praying about entering the mission field of Guatemala. Six years of annually returning to Guatemala, usually with teams in tow. Six years of yearning to be where God wanted us to be. And six years of falling deeper and deeper in love with the people of Guatemala.

  You are My Father
  » 12/4/2012
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“You are my father”, sounds like a line out of Star Wars, but when I heard this from the mouth of Josselyn, it brought me to tears. In fact, it still does.

  Letter from a Single Mother
  » 10/10/2012
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Our meeting took an unexpected turn as I began to see God's hands extended.
Serving Widows

  Blessed to Be a Blessing
  » 8/14/2012
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A little over a year ago, I had my first encounter at a local abused women shelter through 1:27 Missions. I was not certain what I would find as I entered, but I was ready to love in whatever capacity the Lord provided.
1:27 Missions Project Halloween Party