Scorpions, Hooligans, and University
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We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength. This is something we whole-heartedly believe and something we count on. Because without Him, we would be lost and helpless. So the focus of this month’s newsletter is the accomplishments we’ve made through Him.

Though Spanish is still a challenge, we are not allowing it to prevent us from living and functioning as normally as possible. For the first time without assistance we have been navigating on our own through the medical procedure process. Within the last month we’ve attended 6 separate doctors appointments and 4 separate labs, in 8 separate buildings. We’ve had an MRI, mammogram, bone density check, body fluid lab work, nitrous-oxide treatment, scorpion sting treatment, and an x-ray. We’ve seen a dermatologist, orthopedist, OB-GYN, radiologist, and medical technicians. And we’ve done it all without help from staff, friends, or translators. Only Him.

Even more impressive than all that, Tiffany led our staff in a strategic-planning meeting. This all day session was done almost completely in Spanish and with basically no translation help. Everyone was impressed with Tiffany’s abilities, but more impressed that we actually included them in the planning. They were very appreciative of this and it turned in to a great team-building time. We value their thoughts and opinions and it showed in their appreciation. It was also a great opportunity to pull away and meet in air-conditioning.

As you may expect, our most challenging home here at the orphanage is our boys home. Most of the boys we receive have never been disciplined, expected to clean, or given restrictions and boundaries. It’s a tough task changing them from hooligans to gentlemen. So when we notice the changes in them it makes us proud. To see them sweeping the floors and doing their own laundry, is almost a miracle. Seeing them be gentlemen to the girls around them is amazing as well. But better yet, is seeing them pray, worship, and respond to the Holy Spirit. This is definitely a miracle.

For those that don’t know, we founded a U.S. non-profit in 2010. When we resigned as leaders of 1:27 Missions Project and became missionaries of 1:27, we prayed that the organization would grow and flourish under new leadership. They have gone through some growing pains, but are definitely heading in the right direction. A part of the mission of 1:27 is to send out teams to do orphan care and now a part of the mission is to do missionary care. We were blessed with a 1:27 team in October that truly poured out themselves in service to us and the other missionaries here as well. We are thankful and look forward to future visits from them.

After two years we finally have unlimited internet in our house! This may not sound like a big deal, but it is a huge accomplishment for us. Having unlimited internet opens many doors and opportunities for us as a family and for work. From FaceTime with our family back in the States, to live streaming services from our home church, to Netflix, to being able to work at home, this is huge for us.

May God richly bless you.

Bryon, Tiffany, Jaqueline, Sierra, and Aramie

P.S. - Please consider joining our support team by praying, giving, and/or sharing what God's doing in Guatemala. 


Sierra has now accomplished the feat of receiving two university acceptance letters, both with Presidential scholarships. She also received news that she is a finalist in a program that could send her to Yale University. She is still waiting on other letters, but her greatest accomplishment may be making the decision on which school to choose.

Aramie has accomplished winning over another set of team members, surviving a scorpion sting, and drinking raw, warm, goat’s milk. Yep, she milked it, then drank it. That’s our girl! She’s also enjoying the “gently used” trampoline on our rooftop. She never ceases to amaze the people here.

Jaqui is now a high school graduate.  She has accomplished something only 10-20% of Guatemalans are able to achieve.  This is an amazing feat for her and we are very proud. She has also had the opportunity to visit her biological family in the city. This is always an exciting, but challenging, time for her.


Thank you to those that have supported our work in Guatemala! This ministry couldn't exist without your help.


1. Continued mastery of Spanish

2. Money to cover expenses for residency

3. Wisdom to lead

4. Direction for the organization


1. 1:27 Missions Project team visit

2. Jaqui has graduated

3. Sierra's scholarshiop offers

4. Unlimited internet in our house


Join us in Nixa, MO on Thursday, December 17th to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of 1:27 Missions Project. Dinner and dessert will be provided with a $10 donation. All money raised will support our family. Sign-up now.

Sierra spends most of her time studying. However, every once in a while she takes a break to love on Lila. They have a very special relationship.

Tiffany's mom, Beckie, was able to come and spend 2 weeks with us. She was able to see Jaqui graduate and participate in passing out food baskets to those in need.

Our school-year ended this month and we had a new group of graduates. We are very proud of each of them and are excited to help them in their next steps.

Every October, Guatemala celebrates the Day of the Child (we thought every day was Day of the Child). This year, we were able to buy several piñatas, take them to a local pool, and provide them ice cream to celebrate.