Harvest Time, Bible Classes, and Ministry
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God performed a miracle on the project this past month and we are still in awe! Despite a drought in Guatemala we had an abundant harvest of beans. Our land produced 5 times the amount of beans as local farms did. Even the non-Christian farmers were giving credit to God for what he produced on our property. They even said, “The hand of God is on that place”. We already knew that, but it’s great when doubters have no choice but to acknowledge His grace and blessings.

We were also blessed with another visit by our dear friend Eric Porter, with Back Yard Orphans. We used Pastor Eric as a guinea pig for our Vision Trip teams and it went better than expected. Eric brought with him a representative from his church in Texas, and a doctor from the local area. We are praying that it is the start of a great friendship!

Philippians 4:11 says, “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” I wish I could say that we have mastered this biblical principle. We certainly have grown in this area, but we are not where we should be. Sometimes we question the circumstances we face instead of accepting that God is with us no matter what the circumstance, that He is in control, and that His will is greater than our own.

I mention this because, as a family, we have been facing some undesirable circumstances - all health related. Please pray for our family as this month we dealt with another spot of skin cancer, severe TMJ (which is requiring braces and possible surgery), wisdom teeth extractions, restrictive shoulder pain, chronic foot pain, and the usual sinus infections, headaches, and normal health issues. We’re not complaining. We just need prayer for healing, finances, and contentment.

On a brighter note, we have been blessed to participate in a weekly bible study and soon will be taking online bible classes. We are very excited to grow in God’s word on a personal level, but also have seen the need to grow on a professional level. As the directors of a ministry, we are seen as the spiritual leaders of the ministry and are looked to for wisdom and counsel in this area. We are trusting that God, in His decision to call us to this position, is “equipping the called”. Because it’s obvious that He didn’t “call the equipped”. Yikes.

Finally, we have been blessed to be able to minister in a variety of ways over the last month. Tiffany has started counseling with some of the girls at the project. Some still struggle greatly with their past and feeling worthy of love. This is a great opportunity to share about the greatness of our God and speak life into each of these precious children. Bryon has also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with these wonderful children. He is in the process of developing an in-depth Bible study for the kids in our home. It is a study that we will be using in our school, as well as our homes. Our goal is to make the Word of God so real to them that regardless of the situations they face, they never turn from the Gospel.

We continue to be amazed that God has called us here to serve. Thank you for all your support.

Bryon, Tiffany, Jaqueline, Sierra, and Aramie

P.S. - Please consider joining our support team by praying, giving, and/or sharing what God's doing in Guatemala. 


Sierra has expanded her experiences by volunteering with our child sponsorship program, which includes translating letters and cards, communicating with sponsors, and presenting sponsorship opportunities to visiting teams. She’s doing a great job. She’s also working extremely hard at school every day, writing music, and bringing joy everywhere she goes.

Aramie was selected by her teachers as excelling in perseverance. This should not surprise anyone who knows her. She will persevere by wearing out anything that should stand in her way (especially if there are sweets involved). Her artwork was voted as best in her class, but because she isn’t Guatemalan she was unable to enter her painting in the city competition. But she did enjoy the congratulations of the teachers and students in the school.

Jaqui has been learning a lot about her country. On a weekly basis she has been learning to cook and present many typical foods and drinks of Guatemala. We are now trying to convince her to try her cooking skills at home. Additionally, she is looking forward to visiting the United States with us this coming December (even though she’s still not sure about the winter weather).

We're so thankful to those of you that have joined us in caring for orphans and widows through your prayers and financial support. This ministry couldn't exist without your help! Our next goal is $500 a month. This additional support will allow us to expand our ministry and care for additional needs of the children at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. Please click here to give a monthly or special gift.


1. Physical healing for the family.

2. Provision of unexpected medical and ministry expenses.

3. Opportunities to share about the ministry when we come to the States in December.

4. Wisdom for leading James Project of Latin America.


1. Bryon's skin cancer was removed successfully.

2.  We were visited by some great friends - Eric Porter and 1:27 Missions Project.

3. We purchased a second vehicle - a used bicycle. :)

4. A team sent us on an all expenses paid weekend away for the family.


Latin America Child Care has taken our kids on as a project and is actively seeking school sponsorships for our kids! Thank you LACC for your partnership!

Movie night at the Applegates has become a favorite for our kids. We invite one casita at a time for some special time together.

One of our main goals is to make the orphanage as self-sustainable as possible. 1:27 Missions Project came and laid the foundation for our first aquaponics system. This will help feed our kids for years.