Changes, Blessings, and Plans
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It’s a new year and we couldn’t be more excited about what God has in store for us here in Guatemala. 2013 was a year of change for us as we sold everything we owned, made the move to Guatemala, gained a daughter, began homeschooling, began language school, and took over as co-directors of James Project of Latin America. It will definitely be remembered as the year of change in our lives, but we look forward to even greater things in 2014.

In December (2013) we were blessed with the opportunity to spend a month in the States, and were able to visit with friends, family, and partners of the project. We are sorry that we missed some of you but our schedule was hectic as we spent a week in Kansas City, a week in St. Louis, a week in Ozark, and a week in Orlando. We met with someone nearly every single day and learned very quickly the demands of missionary life. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

During our visit to the States we were constantly reminded of how financially blessed our country is. We were able to drive on smooth roads and highways, eat an abundance of food, take hot showers with great water pressure, drink out of the tap, flush our toilet paper, dine at safe restaurants, and enjoy many conveniences that we often take for granted. But as much as we enjoyed it all, our hearts were being drawn back to our adopted country. Guatemala is now our home, and as the cliché says, there is no place like it. Guatemala may not have all the things listed above, but it does have our hearts. And that’s worth all the sacrifices.

As we look forward at 2014 we are excited for the things to come. We recently opened our new daycare building and will soon be opening our infirmary. We are also beginning a new pre-transition program for our teens, and are looking forward to visits from family and friends. There are many things we want to do at the project and pray that these things are in line with what God wants. He will keep us in line with His will, so long as we continue to seek Him and trust in Him.

Family update:

We were blessed to bring Jaqui to the States, where she experienced snow for the first time, a trip to Disney (thank you to Jane and Rob for helping make this happen), ice-skating, meeting her new family, and a variety of new foods. Aramie and Sierra enjoyed their return as well, as they were able to share Christmas with family, eat at their favorite spots, and see old friends and neighbors. It was indeed a blessed time and we are thankful for the opportunity. Upon our returning to Guatemala the girls started new school years, we moved to a new home, and are enjoying the warmth we all missed very much. We love you all and thank you for your prayers and support!

Bryon, Tiffany, Jaqueline, Sierra, and Aramie

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Due to lack of water and an excess of mold, we moved to a new home. This is the beautiful view from our roof.
Our dear friends, Eric and Trish Porter, came to Monjas to minister to our kids and staff. Thank you both!


1. We are in desperate need of a new car.

2. We still need additional monthly financial support to do the ministry we are called to do.

3. Spanish fluency to come quickly to all of us.

4. Wisdom for leading this amazing project.


1. We were able to visit the States for Christmas and spend time with many family and friends.

2.  We moved into a new home that has a cistern (this means we should have water all the time).

3. We received a date-night donation from a donor that is dedicated to healthy marriages.

4. We were able to take Jaqui to the US with us in December - 8 years of prayer answered!