Food, Bibles, and a New Daughter
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Saludos Amigos!

A lot has happened since the last newsletter and God has greatly blessed us in that time. We have settled into our home in Monjas, Guatemala, begun language school, and are becoming acclimated with the town, the culture, and the weather. It already feels like home here and our girls are making friends.

On July 20th, accompanied by an amazing team of people from James River Assembly, we made our move to Guatemala. We brought 30 suitcases filled with clothes, kitchen utensils, books, and personal items in the process. The first week was spent with the team, ministering at three locations and the orphanage. We shortly moved in to our new home after the team returned to the States.

Things move more slowly here in Guatemala and it often takes time to get things accomplished. Filling our house with the necessary things was no exception. But the most important missing piece to our home has taken 7 years to acquire. Her name is Jaqueline (Jaqui) and now she’s ours. We fell in love with her in 2006 and have always called her daughter, but now she is under our roof and it’s better than we ever imagined. God is faithful and has answered our prayer for another daughter.

Aramie is making friends wherever she goes. For those that know her, this is no surprise. Besides the desire to touch her hair, men, women, and children are drawn to our precious little bundle of energy. Our doorbell rings all day, as neighbor children wait anxiously to see what the little “gringa” will do next.

Saying goodbye was hard but Sierra is such an amazing young lady.  She continues to amaze us with her ability to speak and learn Spanish. She also draws a lot of attention, and handles it with humility and grace. She is studying online and is expecting to graduate with a high school diploma from the University of Missouri High School. And, soon may have the opportunity to help teach English at the Project school.

We were able to deliver 100 bibles to a community of people that live in and around the city dump here in Monjas. The families were very grateful and we pray the bibles will be well used. Thank you to The Bridge church of Nixa, Mo and Pastor Joe Evans for making this possible.

Despite all that God has blessed us with, we are still short of our monthly budget. Please join us in prayer that He would send the provision. We are here because He called us here and we know He will answer, because he is faithful. He is already using us to bless the people of Guatemala. Recently, we visited the home of one of our staff members, to pray for his sick grandson. The little boy had been unable to sleep or eat due to a severe cough and throat pain. We prayed for him and the next day his grandfather reported to us that after we left, the boy began to play and feel better. He slept all night, ate the next morning, and is doing well. Not us, but God is good!

Bryon, Tiffany, Sierra, and Aramie

P.S. - Please consider joining our support team by praying, giving, and/or sharing what God's doing in Guatemala. 


1. God will send us additional monthly supporters that are passionate about caring for orphans and widows.

2. We continue to learn the language quickly and are able to communicate effectively.

3. Jaqui is able to receive a visa and can come home with us at Christmas.


1. We are here, in our home and loving it!

2.  God answered 7.5 years of prayer and gave us our precious daughter, Jaqui.

3. We were able to pass out food baskets and 100 Bibles to the precious people living in the dump.

4. We have been able to do some things independently - without the help of translators or staff. This is HUGE!

5. Our staff is full of people that are sold out for the cause of Christ. They are amazing people, deep in the Word, and incredibly eager to know Him more.