Letter from a Single Mother
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A thank you letter provided by a single mother with a passion to help children in need.

Dear 1:27 Missions Project Team,

I was privileged to enjoy a coffee with Tiffany last week and had no idea what would transpire. As we were sharing our hopes and visions for oprhaned and displaced children Tiffany asked me about my personal mission to rescue a 16 year old boy that my son had found sleeping on a curb.

I am a single mom with a 16 year old son and know God brought this new boy to me to care for. He ahs been living with us for almost 2 months. I did not know how I could afford to feed and care for him but I know God would somehow provide.

The school contacted Children's Division so that he could officially be in my home as my foster son. As this process is taking place the finances have been extremely difficult. 1:27 Missions Project offered to help pay the insurance for my care for 6 months and then blessed me by making that payment.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for what your missions team has done for me. I was able to share with my boys how God is meeting ALL of our needs! Thank you for blessing me and my sons and for being God's hand extended to us. 

Much love.